David Copperfield’s
activity e-book

Learning English with movies

What is it about?

It is a didactic material based on the movie: ‘David Copperfield’ which, in turn, is based on the homonymous book written by Charles Dickens.

This e-book contains 18 chapters; each of them corresponds to 10-minute film analysis. The author has used the audio-visual approach to learning English in a natural way because biographic movies are the true reflection of reality.

The addition of activities to practise the 4 skills enables language acquisition and it is an attractive and innovative way of educating.

This resource is intended to intermediate to advanced students of English and it arises from the need of reformulating the way of teaching and learning English.

It is presented in pdf format, contains 323 pages with colourful images and drawings in black and white.


David Copperfield’s
activity e-book


You will find the audios to work with this activity e-book in this link.

It is my biggest commitment that children, youngsters and adult people be able to learn English through the movies’ characters, learning about their experiences and enjoying their adventures through the language. Not only does the e-book give excitement and dynamism to the teaching-learning process but also, it gives us an opportunity to save money; by being a virtual device it is eco-friendly and by being directly connecting them together -the author and the reader-, it saves the extra cost of publishing houses.

About myself

My name is Berta Otero; I am a freelance Argentine teacher of English.
I studied in I.S.F.D. N° 100 de Avellaneda and obtained my professional degree in I.S.F.D. Pío XII in 2008.
In 2010, I did many training courses majoring in Phonetics and Phonology at Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM).
In 2005, I taught English ad honorem in Casa de la Juventud, a non-profit social organization dependent upon the Avellaneda Municipality.
From 2008 to 2014, I worked as a teacher in Instituto Educativo Argentino − IEA − teaching Professional English to higher education students.
From 2012 to the present, I have worked in two quality control companies teaching Business English to their executive and administrative staff and technical English to their surveyors. I have also assisted the companies in translations, interpretation in audits in English, and counselling in language matters.
Now, I am teaching English, for free, to retired people in the Retirement Centre: Unidos por la Lucha, a social institution for pensioners in my neighbourhood. I’m also teaching English at the Top Notch Institute also located in my neightbourhood − Lanús.
I have also transcribed the film script of several English and American films to be used as resources in the teaching of English. Besides, I lectured via live-streaming a literature workshop for the Bhupal Nobles University -Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

At present, I give private lessons to anyone interested. You will find my contact details down below.



Certificate granted for Bhupal Nobles University, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

During the event: ‘Meeting with Writers’ organized by the Secretariat of Culture from Lanús Municipality

I met Berta in the English teaching training college. She always stood out for her seriousness, knowledge and diligence to studying. I know how long she endeavoured to carry out this project. She couldn’t have chosen a better work of literature. This version of David Copperfield has a flawless English and brilliant performances. It will be enjoyed by grown-ups and children alike. Besides, it comes with a lot of activities to practise the macro skills -which is not a small thing. I congratulate Berta for having contributed with such an excellent work to the teaching of English!

Alejandra Lameiro
Profesora de Inglés

I’ve finally had a chance to look at your activity book, and, WOW! SO MUCH HARD WORK!!! I can’t even imagine how long it took you to plan, and write, and create all of that. Many, many, hours of really hard work. Congratulations for your efforts and for completing it! I think it’s a very complete and professional work. I would not be surprised to see this in a book from Scholastic, or Oxford, or any other big publisher of EFL books. I like the fact that some of the activities are more open, and that the grammar is explained in a way that complements the understanding of the whole story. Well done!

Christian Saunders
Head Teacher
Canguro English Institute

First of all I want to congratulate Berta Otero for her outstanding work in this activity book it helped me with my grades in school and comprehending and learning more about this beautiful language which is English. The selection of the movie and the understanding of the work is perfect for everyone. It let me learn difficult words but at the same time I’m having fun. It truly was a great experience. I wanna, again, give my applause to Berta.

Carolina Salerno
Student at
Brick Towers College

What liked me most from this e-book was that it is not necessary to watch the film when you begin reading because the script and the context of the ambience, and the life experience of the characters let you imagine and enter the world of Charles Dickens’ literature, and you can behold the English customs of the 19th century. Readers with an intermediate level of English, as it is my case, are taken by the hand to the comprehension of the terms used at that time, because the glossary explains its use and meaning; and all the different activities allow us apply all this content. Later on, it would be convenient to watch the movie by You Tube to appreciate the spoken language and to do the listening activities.
Another thing that liked me was the division of the movie study in 10-minute chunks where the power of knowledge is squeezed allowing the readers understand what they have read and listened. I recommend it because through it, I could learn many things: culture, grammar, new words. I can only congratulate the author for this excellent work.

Claudia Iriani

From the beginning it is an English Classic book and when I read the teacher’s adaptation, I loved it. I particularly didn’t have a good level of English although I could finish it without a problem…I recommend it 100 per cent. The teacher is a genius, totally didactic; her concern is to reinforce your weak points with endless patience…I wish all the teachers would be like her.

María Gomez

The e-book: Learning English with movies by Berta Otero is an excellent proposal for learning English in a dynamic and amusing way. It is so clear and so well structured that the reader can follow the chapters with options to exercise listening, vocabulary and grammar. The movie selected is not a small thing because it is an English classic work of literature written by Charles Dickens. I highly recommend it as a valuable resource to work in the classroom or in groups.

Luciana María Dini

Lic. en Sistemas – Prof. de Tecnológica
Nivel Medio – Formación docente – Educación Especial

I really loved studying English with Teacher Berta and her book; She is an excellent professional and the book is based in a beautiful story of personal growth. I recommend them both.

Rosana Salerno

An indispensable resource to work either in person or virtually in your classes. It’s a must having it. Don’t miss it!

Marcela Villan
Profesora de Inglés


Source of new vocabulary, idioms and expressions

Students will learn, practise and use unknown words.

Practising of the 4 skills

The activities are designed to practise reading, writing, speaking and listening. (The movie has no subtitles; this challenges the learners’ abilities. If they cannot follow the listening, they can read the script in the reading section)

Learning grammar in context

Only the relevant grammar topics that appear in each chapter are explained and exercised.

Automatic linked correction

The activities are linked automatically to the answer key for correction.

Combines Multimedia

The movie can be downloaded through Youtube by a link. In each chapter, it is indicated the time students should watch.

Authentic Audio-Visual Material

The movie is the audial support of the book. All the dialogues are taken from the movie. It is not something down-gradedly done for study purposes as many other text books are. In authentic materials, the language is shown as it really is; with all its complexity altogether.

Reading Classical English Literature

The activity e-book is based on David Copperfield’s movie, and the movie, in turn, is a simplified adaptation of the original book: ‘David Copperfield’ written by Charles Dickens; students will have access to appreciate how well Charles Dickens wrote in an easier manner.

Easy learning display

The book’s division in 18 chapters, is an easy way of learning the English contained in the movie since each chapter corresponds to the complete analysis of the language contained in 10-minute movie.

Complete understanding of the whole movie

The book gives the possibility to learn understand and practise all the language contained in the film.

Learning English through the novel’s characters

Students will learn through the character’s lives and will transfer that knowledge to their lives. They will learn how to express their life experiences in English.

Emotions arising

According to Piaget, learning through literature arises emotions on the readers and these emotions help them acquire English better.

Lesson Planning Time Saving

The book saves teachers’ lesson-planning time, because everything to be taught and practised is there in the book.

Motivating, attractive, entertaining

The book has all these qualities because the readers eagerly will want to continue reading to follow the plot and know what happens to characters. Besides, they will enjoy watching the marvellous acting, clothing, photography and scenography displayed in the movie.)

Natural learning method

Learning English with movies is what most reflects real life. So, students will acquire the language in an almost natural manner having the possibility to listen again and again until they understand and repeatedly as it is done in real life.

One-year learning time

Possessing 18 chapters, the book can be used for the whole learning period lasting generally one year or more.

Suitable for self-study students

Having the answer key, the book can be easily used by self-study learners, without a teacher

Available in hard copy

The book is self-published by the author; this means that it goes directly from the author to the reader eliminating the cost of any other publishing house.

Available as an e-book in pdf format

This format is really useful for remote teaching because the teacher can screen-share it with his students through their computers. And it is also more economic because it saves the ink and paper cost as it is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment.

Readership target

The book is intended for intermediate to advanced students who study English as a second language.

Not compulsory activities

This book shows only a guide for the teacher and the students. They can skip, add, omit, invert the order of all the activities, etc. The decision to do that is up to the teacher or the students.

Use and implementation

This activity e-/book was specially designed to be used in a cinematography and classical literature workshop or course because it is the practice complement of the movie ‘David Copperfield’.

Professionally made Proofreading

Two certified English-teacher colleagues and two translators collaborated with the author in the editing of this book.

Learn and teach English in a dynamic and amusing way. Buy the e-book now!

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